A 9-year-old boy’s heroic actions save his younger brother from falling from the change table.

The quick reflexes of a 9-year-old kid saved his newborn brother from a horrific tumble off a changing table. The wonderful moment was caught on a surveillance camera, which his proud mother shared with the rest of the world.

Baby Eitan can be seen rolling over and then off the changing table in the baby monitor footage uploaded by mom Tila Levi before Joseph leaps into action and saves him. Tila pulls Joseph in for a strong hug after seeing that Joseph saved his tiny brother, evidently relieved and proud of what he accomplished.

Tila, a mother of five, was at home alone with her children at the time of the disaster. She was changing her 11-month-old son’s diaper when she briefly diverted her focus to one of her other children. However, the infant moved and began to tumble off the tiny table in those few seconds.

That’s when Joseph acted, racing over to the changing table and catching his baby brother just before he fell to the floor.

Joseph afterward admitted that he has no idea how he achieved it. “I’d never be able to do that again since I can’t carry my brother,” he explained to ABC News, perplexed as to how he managed to grab the kid. He also mentioned that he can’t even run that fast, but he still made it to his brother in time.

Joseph may be perplexed as to how he accomplished his feat, but the 11 million or so people who have watched the video hail him as a hero. When they go out, his mother says she is now questioned, “Where’s the superhero?” Joseph admits he’s a little embarrassed by all the attention, but his mother couldn’t be more proud of him.

The Miami Police Department later presented Joseph with the ‘Do The Right Thing’ award.

In terms of what happened, Tila recognized that she made a mistake by turning her back, but she decided to release the footage publicly in order to educate other parents to be vigilant. Without a doubt, she is grateful for her son as well.

“At first, I replied, ‘I screwed up.’ “I made a mistake, but then I understood it was a miracle,” she told ABC News. “I must have done something right to be deserving of this little man, racing in just in time and capturing him just in time.”

“My message to parents is to enjoy their children,” Levi concluded. “Protect them as much as possible.” At the end of the day, everything can change in a split second.”

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A 9-year-old boy’s heroic actions save his younger brother from falling from the change table.
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