The most unusual Math lesson. A bright example of a devoted professional

Amazing things can happen during the quarantine period.

And with the addition of a “plus” sign.

Riley Anderson, a 12-year-old American sixth-grader living in Madison, South Dakota, received odd instruction from her math teacher.

Because the girl was unable to grasp one of the themes in algebra in any manner, she was unable to do her homework.

Riley, like other pupils, had to study remotely due to the pandemic, so she emailed her teacher, Chris Waba, and asked for assistance.

He answered the girl’s inquiries, but she had more.

The sixth-grader expected the mathematician to continue teaching the topic she didn’t grasp over the phone, but the doorbell rang shortly after.

Chris was standing on the front porch of her house with a whiteboard next to him, which astonished the pupil.

Because the teacher lives close, he decided to give Riley a private lesson.

Of course, the social gap must be properly observed.

That is, explaining the topic, he stayed on the porch, and the girl stood behind the screen door.

“He really helped me understand everything,” the schoolgirl said in an interview with CNN.

“I’m so grateful that he decided to come.”

On Twitter, the girl’s father shared a photo of his daughter’s incredible private math lesson.

Thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets resulted from the swift propagation of the news.

Waba claims that when he is face to face with his students, he is able to explain things more clearly.

This is better than over the phone, in his opinion, because this is how children learn the material more quickly.

At the end of the lesson, twelve-year-old Riley smiled at the teacher and thanked him.

It became clear to him that the girl understood everything.

“That’s what teachers work for: for the sake of such smiles,” said Waba

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The most unusual Math lesson. A bright example of a devoted professional
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