After three years apart, a missing dog rejoices to meet his dad

Mike Plas of Thunder Bay, Ontario, was devastated when he lost his dog Jack in 2015. The dog was much more than a companion. He was like a brother to him.

Mike and Jack worked together on everything. He’d even bring him to work half the time, and the dog was always with him when he went fishing. Whatever he was doing, Jack was always present in his life.

Mike’s family had kept the 4-year-old husky and shepherd mix since he was a youngster, and his absence saddened them.

Jack had been tied up outside Mike’s father’s house on the day he went missing. But by the time his mother came to check on him, the dog vanished. Mike had no idea if he had fled or been kidnapped. He only knew he would never stop looking for his best friend.

He used social media, distributed flyers, and talked to people in his neighborhood. He also went for a tour around the shrubs and the roadway, looking for signs.

Mike scanned the streets wherever he went, expecting to see Jack. Every time he drove past his father’s house, he would glance around at the houses and have the impression that he wasn’t truly gone.

Even after nearly four years without seeing Jack, he never gave up hope. Mike knew his dog was somewhere out there and that they’d see each other again.

And he was right.

In 2019, Mike got “the greatest phone call” of his life while he was at work. The Centennial Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba, called to tell him that someone had brought in a husky and shepherd mix at the shelter.

The dog was found along the same road where the facility was, and a driver decided to bring him in.

Fortunately, the dog was microchipped, and its information could be traced back to Mike.

Mike made the lengthy trek to Winnipeg with his fiancée and family as soon as they determined that the puppy was truly Jack. They rested overnight before arriving at the animal hospital the next day.

Mike waited in the lobby for his long-lost dog, and as soon as Jack saw him, he couldn’t help but whine with excitement upon seeing his dad!

Jack couldn’t stop licking Mike’s face as he happily wagged his tail. Mike said he felt like he was missing a part of his life without Jack around, but when they finally reunited, he instantly felt like everything was back to normal.

“I knew he was going to remember me. As soon as he saw me he was crying, jumping, he was kissing me, then he rolled to the ground. He’s crazy happy right now,” Mike recalled of the moment.

Despite the fact that it was a terrible experience, Mike gained something significant from it.

“Never EVER lose hope,” he wrote in a Facebook post about their experience. “I didn’t, and we’re back together after four years separated in different regions.”

Mike is pleased to have reclaimed a significant portion of his life. He is also appreciative of everyone who assisted in bringing Jack home.

Mike and Jack rarely leave each other’s side after their reunion to make up for the lost time. This life event has surely brought them closer than ever!

Prepare your tissues and watch the video below to see Mike and Jack’s emotional reunion at the animal hospital.

This story happened back in 2019, but it’s something that will always be worth going back to. Please share this story with your family and friends.

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After three years apart, a missing dog rejoices to meet his dad
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