A jovial father converses with his four-week-old baby about crying.

A happy family is built on continual communication and understanding, but let us know whether you think it’s too soon for this father to have a “serious” chat with his baby.

It’s difficult to guess what’s going on in newborn newborns’ heads because they have no way of transmitting their thoughts other than wailing.

Although moms and dads are probably the only people who can understand the meaning behind their babies’ cries and groans, it’s fun to watch these little angels try to communicate with their facial expressions and gestures like an adult.

One example of how cute it is when babies engage in dialogue with adults is when a hilarious father reveals to his daughter that he needs to talk to her.

The baby stares into her father’s eyes as he is asking her, “You were sitting very quietly, and all of a sudden, you started crying. I need to know why.”

The baby just smiles at her father’s question as if she’s aware that her father’s seriousness is actually just a joke.

“I’m wondering, can you go ahead and tell me why you were crying?” the father asks his daughter a couple more times. But all he receives from her are enticing grins.

Because of her cuteness, the baby eventually escapes the inquiry, but her father imposes a new rule: “from now on, there could only be smiling and no crying,” and seals the order with a loving kiss.

The University of Pennsylvania says that babies can comprehend the meaning behind spoken words at six months of age, but since the little girl is just a month old, we can’t really expect her to take her dad seriously in the conversation.

Watch how the 4-week-old baby responds to her dad’s questions in the video below.

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A jovial father converses with his four-week-old baby about crying.
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