Brotherly Love on Full Display as Baby Sister Bawls

Big brothers have something special about them. Their protective nature and loving arms provide the best source of comfort any sister could ask for. They will come around to cheer you up if you are sad, as this video clearly shows. This video is fantastic because it demonstrates that siblings do not have to be at a certain age to learn how to be there for someone they care about.

Cal is a toddler still in diapers, but when he hears his baby sister bawling, he comes up to her and gives her a hug while saying, ‘cutie babies.’ Isn’t that just the cutest thing? At 0.25, when Cal lovingly touches his sister’s cheek, I couldn’t help but smile.

Nothing beats a genuine display of love between siblings, especially when that emotion comes from the heart. Cal genuinely cares for his younger sister, despite his own youth. It can’t be easy dealing with a new addition to the family who will steal his attention, but it’s clear that he loves his sister here.

It’s no surprise that this video has over 1.3 million views on YouTube. This is such a sweet display of sibling love that you’ll want to watch it more than once.

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Brotherly Love on Full Display as Baby Sister Bawls
A cute video shows tiny newborn twins cuddling each other as if they were still in the womb.