A gentle husky has a delightful playdate with twin newborns.

Huskies are well-known for being exceptional dogs. Huskies are a one-of-a-kind breed, with their exquisite fur and stunning eye color. Meet Juno, a husky that enjoys playing with his twin baby sisters.

This gorgeous husky has all of the traditional husky characteristics. Fluffy fur, piercing eyes, and a lively temperament that melts your heart every time you see him play.

On top of that, he can’t leave his two strange best pals. Kaylee and Hailey, this husky’s baby twins, have become his finest playmates and laughing partners.

Juno, as loving as any dog, rolls around on his back, wagging and pawing at the children who are laughing. He clearly adores these two identical twins, as evidenced by their interactions.

Juno is completely trustworthy and unafraid of the twins because he is their best buddy. Even when Juno uses his mouth, the girls are not harmed and thoroughly like this game.

One of the twins enjoys slowly petting and stroking Juno, while the other is vocal and trying to provoke him. You can tell that Juno loves both of these play styles.

It’s impressive to see such a large, majestic dog have the ability to play so gently with small children. What’s even more remarkable is the bravery and fearlessness of the two twins.

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