Four adorable preschoolers in suits perform a musical chair dance.

It’s extremely lovely when youngsters dress up as grownups, and when they start dancing, their cuteness returns and we remember that they’re still little kids.

Many parents will agree that their children grow up quickly. They’re simply carrying them in their arms one moment, and then they’re enrolling them in preschool the next.

We cannot dispute that one of a child’s favorite hobbies is playing, but when they start school, their playtime steadily reduces to make place for learning.

The majority of preschools encourage children to express themselves via art. Although making crafts is one of the enjoyable activities in preschool, many children also like dancing.

The parents went to the preschool one day to see their children’s performances, and while they were impressed by all of the children’s routines, these four little boys were a fan favorite.

While a playful song is playing on the piano, one of the boys, dressed in a suit and top hat, walks onto the stage while carrying a little chair.

Three additional boys in identical outfits follow, and once the routine begins, they all begin slapping their laps to the beat while moving their legs to the side and to the center.

Afterward, the kids all get off their chairs and walk behind them. Then they dance behind the chairs, circled around the front of them, and danced behind them again.

When the piano music ends, the kids’ teacher begins clapping them on as the boys sit backward on the chairs with their backs to the audience.

As the routine ends, the boy on the left-most side jumps off the chair, and then so do the other kids one by one. They twist the chairs, sit on them and raise their hats as the parents clap enthusiastically.

Watch the adorable little boy’s “Musical Chair” dance in the video below.

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