Teen Siblings Make Emotional Adoption Proposal to Stepfather

Children are typically more devoted to their mothers due to the 9 months they spend inside their mothers’ wombs, yet we cannot dispute the importance of a father’s role in parenting.

Hank Blankenship, who is deaf, has two stepchildren and two biological children with his deaf wife Deidre.

Cassidy, one of his stepkids, came to Deidre in secret to assist her in terminating her biological father’s parental rights.

Cassidy had undergone mental, verbal, and emotional abuse from her biological father, according to Deidre. She also said that he would lie to Cassidy and would not give financial assistance, among other things.

Cassidy’s older brother, Alex, also “legally” disowned their biological father when he reached 18 by changing his last name because he has never been actively involved in their lives and they don’t want to be a part of his life either.

Deidre decided to raise money to help Cassidy legally make Hank her father.

When the big day arrived, they placed Hank in the center of the room. Cassidy then displayed a sign that read, “Any guy can be a father, but it takes someone unique to be a father.”

Hank’s two biological siblings named Savannah and Trey came up to him and said, “We want a whole brother and sister, not halves.”

Cassidy then presented him with some paperwork, which turned out to be adoption papers. Hank couldn’t stop shedding happy tears at this moment.

The surprise did not end there for afterward, it was Alex’s turn to hand him his adoption papers too. Hank gave each of his kid’s great big hugs that are evidently full of love.

Watch the emotional surprise Hanks’ children pulled off for him.

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Teen Siblings Make Emotional Adoption Proposal to Stepfather
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