A 96-Year-Old Man Dances With A Professional Dancer

We should not stop doing the things we enjoy because we are getting older. It should only serve as a reminder to take things slowly and enjoy every moment spent doing them.

When a person reaches the age where they can no longer do things as effectively as they once could, they tend to become discouraged; however, aging can be viewed positively by viewing it as an opportunity to do things in a wiser manner.

When we are doing things we’re passionate about like, let’s say, for example, dancing, it’s hard to retire from doing it even at an old age.

Tom is a 96-year-old man who is taking dance classes to rekindle his passion for dancing.

Tom has been dancing for about 30 years but he stopped stepping on the dance floor after his wife, who was also his favorite dance partner, passed away.

His Son Encouraged Him

His grief almost took him away from his passion. Fortunately, his son enrolled him in dance classes with Liya who helped him get back on his dancing feet.

Liya Kazbekova is a world champion dancer who also teaches Latin and ballroom dancing in Los Angeles, California.

In terms of dancing, Liya is also one of Tom’s many fans. “He’s 96 and a dancer,” she explained. My source of inspiration and motivation. Tom, my student, deserves a standing ovation. “Once a dancer, always a dancer.”

Tom surprised Liya with his amazing talent in dancing. Even the professional dancer is impressed by Tom’s footwork that hasn’t been rusted by time and age.

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A 96-Year-Old Man Dances With A Professional Dancer
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