These happy babies will remind you of everything that is right in the world.

Baby laughter is one of the world’s most contagious sounds. Try not to laugh as you watch these adorable babies have a good time in the water.

Water, as these babies discover, is a wonderful toy for those who are just discovering it. Some babies enjoy playing with the hose and spraying themselves in the face.

Other babies, with the assistance of their parents, attempt to swim. Some flop, while others perform the cutest little doggie paddle. Each of them will make you smile.

Some babies go completely insane while sitting in a pool of water and watching the antics of their beloved puppy friends. Some babies are unsure about the whole water thing.

Bigger brothers and sisters always make things more amusing. Watch how these babies adore their siblings and burst out laughing at their amusing antics. These babies are fantastic!

Splashing in the water and living their best baby lives, these tots are a great reminder to enjoy the simple things in life. Take a break from your stressful day to watch these adorable munchkins have fun.

From a baby’s first bath to an introduction to the swimming pool, these water bugs love to play where it’s wet. Their baby laughter is so infectious, that you’ll be in tears long before the end of the compilation.

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These happy babies will remind you of everything that is right in the world.
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