When Baby hears his favorite Elvis song, the entire crowd bursts out laughing.

We’ve all seen footage of some incredible kids from all over the world. Are you prepared to witness one that will wow you? One of the most gifted children ever is featured below!

Even though William Stokkebroe is just two years old, he has already wowed audiences all over the world! Everyone is showing their friends and family his dance routines since they are so good. You’ll see why he has over 40 million views and counting after watching the video!

He is really good on his feet!

William was able to show off his beautiful footwork at a party. You will be shocked at how amazing he is for his age! His parents, Peter and Kristina, taught the little boy how to dance. They are also dancers who have been dancing at Studie43 for many years, reports The Telegraph.

The video shows William doing the jive, a hard dance for someone his age to do! But you will see how well William nails the moves when he gets down and busy on the floor. He is so good for his age! Can you imagine just how amazing he will be with more practice when he grows up? We can’t wait to see what happens years from now!

When William entered the stage, everyone in the vicinity of the tiny kid went insane. Everyone seemed to love watching the little child perform his routine, and William appeared to enjoy dancing to it as well.

Prepare to be as taken aback as we were when we first saw this incredible kid dancing his heart out! Many of our moves are better than his, and we are adults who have been dancing for a long time! Are you prepared to be astonished?

Take a look at the video below! We’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!

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When Baby hears his favorite Elvis song, the entire crowd bursts out laughing.
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