When it comes to her adopted children, a single mother says, “Love Has No Color.”

Not every hero wears a cape. They may simply opt to make a significant difference in the lives of children on occasion. A person who chooses to take on this great duty and commitment, whether it is fostering or adopting children, can have a significant influence.

Adoption can be tough for single adults, especially when there are numerous children involved. Fortunately, for one woman, this did not pose a problem.

Love has no ethnic, religious, or national boundaries. Despite being asked if her children are hers on a regular basis, Ohioan Treka Engleman has not let the question affect her or her children’s happiness. Treka, a math teacher, began fostering children at the age of 21 and stated that she had no preferences for the children’s gender or color. In 2019, she made the decision to adopt the children and provide them with a loving home.

According to the Adoption Network, more than 33% of Americans have considered adopting a child or numerous children, yet only 2% have actually done so. Every year, approximately 140,000 children are adopted by American families, accounting for about 1 in every 50 children.

There are also several sorts of adoption, such as private and open adoption. The former indicates that the adoptive parents are the sole caregivers for the adopted kid, with the biological parents no longer involved in their lives. The latter option is more flexible, allowing the child to have a bond with both his or her birth and adoptive parents.

Adopting her three children has been a difficult but gratifying experience for Treka.

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Treka Engleman hatte keine einfache Kindheit. Sie ist die jüngste von 11 Geschwistern und ihre Mutter verstarb, als sie nur sechs Jahre alt war, wie Metro berichtet. Obwohl der Verlust des Familienoberhaupts den Engleman Kindern sehr viel Schmerzen bereitet hat, haben sie sich immer umeinander gekümmert und haben das beste aus ihrer unkonventionellen Situation gemacht.

Treka Engleman had a difficult upbringing. Her mother died when she was only six years old, and she is the youngest of eleven siblings, according to Metro. The Engleman family was severely affected by the loss of their matriarch, but they always cared for one another and did their best to make their unusual arrangement work.

Treka knew that when she grew up, she wanted to be there for children who had lost their parents. This is why, at the early age of 21, she applied to be a foster mother. Treka stated in her application that she did not want a child of any particular race. Instead, as The Atlanta Black Star noted, she simply wanted to be there for any young child who needed her.

According to The Atlanta Black Star, a five-day-old baby boy called Elijah was immediately placed in Treka’s care. Treka treated him as if he were her own child. Mercedes and Alexis, two sisters, were later placed in Treka’s loving family.

Treka had nothing but maternal love for her three foster children, and the tiny family got along swimmingly. This family, on the other hand, was strange in the eyes of many. Elijah, Mercedes, and Alexis are white, while Treka is black.

“Yes, I’ve had my fair share of glances while we’re out in public,” she wrote on Love What Matters, “but we just keep walking by unconcerned.” “I’ve had people ask me, ‘Oh, are you babysitting?’ to which I respond, ‘No, they’re my kids.’ There were no questions asked. I never refer to my children as “foster children.” Because that is exactly what they are and will always be.”

“In my home, love has no color, and they are cherished without condition,” Treka added.

Ein fünf Tage alter Junge namens Elijah fand bald ein Zuhause bei Treka, wie The Atlanta Black Star berichtet. Treka kümmerte sich um ihn, als ob er ihr eigenes Kind wäre. Später kamen noch zwei Schwestern namens Mercedes und Alexis hinzu.

Die kleine Familie versteht sich wunderbar und Treka liebt ihre drei Pflegekinder über alles. Allerdings ist die Familie in den Augen von manchen Menschen sehr ungewöhnlich. Treka ist Afro-Amerikanerin, während Elijah, Mercedes und Alexis hellhäutig sind.

“Ja, wir werden sehr oft in der Öffentlichkeit angestarrt, aber wir lassen uns davon nicht beeindrucken,” schreibt sie in Love What Matters. “Ich wurde gefragt, ob ich die Babysitterin sei, worauf ich mit Nein antwortete. Sie sind meine Kinder. Ich sage nie ‘Pflegekinder’. Sie sind meine Kinder. Denn genau das sind sie und werden sie auch immer sein.”

“Liebe kennt keine Hautfarbe in meinem Haushalt und wir lieben einander bedingungslos,” fügt Treka hinzu.

Letztes Jahr konnte Treka ihre Kinder endlich offiziell adoptieren.

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When it comes to her adopted children, a single mother says, “Love Has No Color.”
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