The most adorable twin babies sing together with their mother.

When a camera is out of reach, the loveliest infant moments often occur. However, occasionally a mother’s or father’s impeccable timing might result in a fantastic memory to cherish for years. This is the case in this video of a baby twin duet.

The twin babies are swaddled in blankets and gaze up at the camera. While listening to their mother sing, they produce the cutest facial expressions. Their lips begin to move and their faces distort. They eventually start singing along with their mother, Natalie.

‘Our lovely infant twins have heard this song since they were in the womb,’ Natalie Ledbetter wrote. They were just 4 months old when this film was recorded, but because they were born prematurely, their adjusted age was only 2 MONTHS!’

With their eyes wide open, the twins look at their mother and listen. As she sings, they produce gorgeous little smiles and quirky expressions. They are staring at her the entire time she is singing to them.

‘When I started singing, they suddenly lit up and knew exactly what to do,’ Natalie writes. Sure enough, the twins begin to speak. In an attempt to create words, they make sounds and shape their lips.

2 months old is roughly the earliest a parent or caregiver should expect to hear vocalizing from a baby. They can ‘coo’ and ‘gurgle.’ Some babies make vowel sounds like the twins in this video.

Babies communicate with sounds and also with smiles. They wait for an adult response and often mimic what they see their parent do with their face. These twin babies decided to mimic the singing right down to the shape of the lips. It is a much-needed, daily dose of adorable!

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The most adorable twin babies sing together with their mother.
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