Everyone’s heart is touched by photos of granddad eating with an empty chair reserved for his late wife.

Weddings are a fantastic time for family members from far and wide to gather and celebrate the momentous occasion together, however, some family members may be unable to attend due to distance.

Sahrah Elswick and her newlywed spouse Zachery recently celebrated their wedding in Alderson, West Virginia. Her late grandma, whom she affectionately referred to as Mawmaw, was among those who were invited.

Sahrah set up a special seat for her grandmother, a white rocking chair with images of Mawmaw, and a placard that read, “We know you would be here today if heaven wasn’t so far away,” as an homage to her late Mawmaw.

She had not expected her grandfather, whom she affectionately referred him as Pawpaw, to accompany the lonely white rocking chair.

Sahrah captured a terrible photo of her Pawpaw eating over Mawmaw’s white rocking chair that day.

“Seeing this during my wedding meant the world to me.” “It was critical for her to be a part of my day because we were so close, and I’m so glad I did it because now I know how much it meant to him,” Sahrah told TODAY Food.

Billy Gray, called Pawpaw, was married to Mawmaw or Barbara for 45 years. Barbara passed away in 2017, which was a tragic loss.

Her grandparents had a “fun, loving relationship,” according to Sahrah. She said, “They were rarely serious and kept joyful and [made] each other laugh.”

“Through it all, they stayed together.” They never had much, yet it didn’t seem to bother them in the least.”

During the ceremony, she observed her grandfather sitting alone on the hay while the rest of the guests were seated at tables.

Sahrah then inquired as to why her grandfather sat at Mawmaw’s memorial during supper, to which her grandfather replied that he “simply wanted to be with her and be there with her.”

When she posted photos of her grandfather on Twitter, it quickly captured the netizens’ attention.

“When I saw him sitting there I immediately burst into tears I was just so heartbroken and also in awe at how much he loved her,” Sahrah said.

Apparently, Sahrah was not the only one who was touched by her grandfather’s loving action.

So far, the tweet has garnered over 179,000 likes and almost 20,000 comments from the netizens with some of them shared their fond memories of their grandparents.

Mawmaw may not be able to attend the wedding but we know she would love to see how much her loved ones still remember and miss her.


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Everyone’s heart is touched by photos of granddad eating with an empty chair reserved for his late wife.
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