Noah Wall was born with virtually no brain. After 9 years, how does the boy live?

Noah Wall was born in the United Kingdom nine years ago.

Not just doctors, but the entire United Kingdom, were astounded by his birth.

The boy was born with only a sliver of a brain.

The physicians initially requested that the parents abort the pregnancy, but they refused.

“I believe that if this option had been presented to younger people, they would not have been able to withstand the pressure and would have terminated the pregnancy.”

We had previously been parents for a while and knew how to make our own decisions.

Before Noah arrived, the family had already raised two girls.

After birth, the boy was diagnosed with Spina bifida, he almost completely lacked a brain, and had all 2 percent of the required norm.

More recently, Noah and his parents visited the TV show Good Morning Britain, where the boy was called a real miracle.

After all, now the boy is very active, he talks well, studies, he learns to read and count, and even takes surfing lessons.

According to studies, a child’s brain has grown by 80% in just 9 years!

That is, it turns out that the baby’s brain “grows” inexplicably.

According to the British tabloid Good Morning Britain, “recent scans have shown that his brain is now virtually fully working – experts did not expect this.”

Some medical specialists believe the boy’s brain was “squeezed” and ultimately began to return to its proper position, but Noah’s parents are doubtful of this theory.

“If his brain was clamped, our son would probably have serious mental health problems, but as you can see, this is not the case,” Noah‘s father said on Good Morning Britain.

Although the boy has a developmental delay.

Noah is living a full life and gradually improving his health — recently he appeared on British television as an assistant to the weather forecast presenter.

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Noah Wall was born with virtually no brain. After 9 years, how does the boy live?
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