The joyful couple’s 70-year-old fantasy marriage

It takes a lot of effort to maintain a healthy family bond. After all, you must always be able to appreciate your partner’s viewpoint, compromise, admit your mistakes, and love a person for who he or she is, rather than attempting to change or teach him or her. At school, Osborne and Edith Hancock shared a desk. Osborne irritated Edith at first by continuously copying her.

However, the time has gone and things have changed. Young people began to create romantic relationships, and they began to meet. Later, Osborne was drafted into the army, and Edith patiently awaited his return for two years. When the guy returned, he proposed to the girl, and Edith accepted. They tied the knot when they were both 22 years old.

70 years have passed since that day. Osborne and Edith still love each other as they did back in 1950. The couple says that in their family life there was everything: quarrels and misunderstandings… But they passed all the tests together. During Osborne’s service in the army, Edith wrote letters to him every day, and Osborne answered each one. The couple says that after so many years of living together they already know each other perfectly and literally guess the thoughts of the partner.

Osborne and Edith are already 92 years old, but they do not feel their age at all. They are happy to take care of each other and are very happy.

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