Grandpa, 105, is afraid to hold his great grandson, but when he does, he is overjoyed.

This 105-year-old great-grandpa was overjoyed since he was about to see his great-grandson for the first time. So, why not? Not everyone is so fortunate to be able to cuddle their great-grandchildren.

Parents Susan and Jason Zwolak were waiting for the very special moment ever since their son, Easton, was born

They took Easton to see his great-grandfather, Pop, five days after he was born. Susan and Jason have fond memories of Pop from their childhood, and they were overjoyed that Easton would be able to meet him.

Pop was extremely excited when he met Easton for the first time.

He was understandably nervous, and he was initially concerned that he would abandon Easton.

He was reluctant to hold him because of this.

When Pop refused to hold Easton when they first held him, Susan reassured him that it was okay and persisted that he should hold him. After a couple of minutes, Pop held out his hands hesitantly, his heart brimming with excitement.

When Pop finally got his arms around Easton, his face was visibly transformed with joy. Susan’s eyes filled up with tears as grumpy grandpa turned into a little boy, his face shining with glee.

He looked at Easton’s face and nodded his head repeatedly.

Easton was fast asleep, but he woke up to his great-grandfather’s affection

Pop held him closer to his chest, and Easton snuggled up to him, clearly finding his comfort zone with Pop

The proud parents watched on as their grandfather caressed their son’s face daintily and looked up at them in sheer joy.

At such an advanced age, it’s not easy to find things that make one happy. This meeting meant a lot to Pop.

He simply loved the fact that he could spend time with his grandchildren

In this day and age, meeting your great-grandchild is a rare moment to have, and it definitely warrants some celebration!

Watch the precious moment in the video below:

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Grandpa, 105, is afraid to hold his great grandson, but when he does, he is overjoyed.
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