After taking her first lick of ice cream, the baby is taken aback.

A young infant tries ice cream for the first time, causing a viral sensation. Her parents are standing in front of a ‘Baskin Robbins,’ allowing her to try the sweet treat.

The baby’s hands are initially at her sides as she leans toward the ice cream cone while being carried by her father. The baby’s eyes pop out of her skull as soon as the ice cream hits her mouth.

She looks at the cone closely and grabs it with both hands. Her small fingers dig into the ice cream on top of the cone and refuse to let go.

Her father and mother tell her to let go, but they can’t stop laughing. Because of the chilly ice cream, she winces and takes another taste.

But she perseveres and consumes far more ice cream than her parents anticipated. She clutches the ice cream and opens her mouth wide for more. Her parents are not going to take the cone away from her.

This infant has gone viral, with over 3 million views. When you see it over and over, you can’t help but laugh. We’ve all experienced the joy that ice cream can provide.

Watching a baby try ice cream for the first time is pure joy. This is the moment we all experienced at one point in our lives. The day she fell in love with ice cream!

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After taking her first lick of ice cream, the baby is taken aback.
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