Precious toddler girl adorably copies her grandfather’s walk

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘Kids say and do the darndest things!’ This is evident in this video of a toddler imitating her grandfather’s walk, complete with a cane.

The sweetest toddler girl dressed in pink is making her way along the home corridor. You might be wondering why she’s holding a cane. She, too, is beaming from ear to ear.

Then you notice her Grandpa walking behind her with a cane. When they walk, the child begins to bend down a little, and she crawls along while he follows.

A voice can be heard saying, ‘Do it, girl!’ Another is heard laughing hysterically in the background. The little girl has this walk down, and she is doing a perfect imitation.

If the Grandpa feels upset, he can remind her that she wasn’t even walking a few months ago. Now, she’s up and moving while trolling her Grandpa. She loves all the attention.

It’s all in good fun as everyone shares a laugh. Grandpa seems to enjoy the fun, and the toddler definitely knows how to act up for the camera. She continues all the way across the living room.

This little girl has her Grandpa’s walk memorized. She delivers the show for all her fans, and now she has over a million views. It is a great laugh for everyone involved and those watching.

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Precious toddler girl adorably copies her grandfather’s walk
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