A mother got pregnant with quadruplets after adopting four children.

Pregnancy is an exciting moment in the lives of a couple. Some couples struggle to have their own children and choose to adopt, which may be an exciting time. Lightning struck twice for one couple in Pennsylvania!

Maxine and Jacob Young had five children after adopting children in 2017 to satisfy their ambition of having a large family. Most people would consider that to be a large family.

Maxine discovered she was pregnant again, this time with quadruplets. The family was taken aback when they learned that four more children were on the way. This large family now has a total of nine children.

‘This wasn’t what we intended,’ Maxine explained. We didn’t intend to have such a huge family. But it appears that these babies are intended to be. I can’t imagine not having all four of them right now. It took me by surprise.’

Maxine and Jacob meant to foster two children initially, but it quickly grew to three. They were determined to keep the siblings together. Soon after, they were requested to pick up a baby sister, bringing their total number of children to four in less than a month.

Six months after fostering their four children, Maxine became pregnant. This was terrific news because she and Jacob had suffered two miscarriages, which gave them five children. After their son’s birth, Maxine became pregnant again.

This time, Maxine and Jacob received the news that she was carrying quadruplets. They were overjoyed, and this was a dream come true for them! Maxine and Jacob now have 9 kids and one great big happy home.

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