Funny moment when a baby tries to show her cat how to nap.

It was time for a nap, but this infant refused to sleep until her pet cat slept as well, so she devised a smart plan to put her cat to sleep.

When the baby approached with a blanket in her hand, the cat was minding his own business.

The infant then put the soft pink blanket onto the cat to get him nestled up, but when the cat refused, she devised a new strategy.

The tiny beauty then carefully placed her head on the floor in a wonderful example of how to snooze the cat. When she looked up and noticed that the cat had not moved, she grabbed her pink blanket and tossed it to the cat.

Finally, the cat gave in to the infant and opted to nap in the new position.

As the pair prepared to snooze, the infant tucked him in and tenderly hugged him.

Watch the baby’s adorable attempt to demonstrate to her cat how to take a nap here

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