These adorable red panda cubs are so obsessed with milk that they refuse to let go of their empty bottle.

Red pandas are Himalayan mountain dwellers, and their diet consists primarily of bamboo, eggs, birds, and insects. These adorable red panda cubs, on the other hand, have another favorite—milk!

A Japanese Twitter user shared an adorable video of two red panda cubs who are overjoyed when it’s mealtime.

When their caretaker brings them a bottle of milk, these red panda cubs are overjoyed.

They just cannot wait to drink that they climb up the caretaker’s legs to drink from the bottle of milk, one for each of them

Milk appears to be these chubby cubs’ favorite, as they refuse to let go of the bottle even when it is empty.

One red panda even tried to get a second helping of milk from his friend who has not finished his milk yet

Looks like these red panda cubs need more than just one bottle of milk next time!

Red pandas are really adorable but they are susceptible to habitat loss, poaching, and inbreeding. It is believed fewer than 10,000 of these endangered species survive in the wild and in the conservatories around the world.

Watch how cute these red panda cubs are when it is meal time here

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