As a tornado swirls in a field behind him, a man mows his lawn.

Residents in Three Hills, Alberta, were going about their daily lives when a tornado appeared out of nowhere. Several people captured the weather event on camera that day, and the stunning footage quickly went viral around the world.

But it was one photo in particular that took the Internet by storm. As the tornado swirled behind him, one man decided to cut his grass during the storm. His wife took a photo of him that is both beautiful and hilarious. Please allow a few seconds for the following Facebook photo to load.

According to CTV News, Theunis Wessels needed his grass cut before a busy weekend of chauffeuring his children to sporting events (June 2, 2017). Cecilia, his wife, took the photograph after their worried daughter prompted him to come inside. He did, however, point out that he finished the lawn first.

Vance Neudorf, a resident of Three Hills, was also present when the tornado touched down. He was driving home from the grocery store when he noticed a tornado headed straight for his daughter’s house.

“A funnel cloud formed overhead as I was driving home from the grocery store,” Neudorf wrote. “I pulled over because it was on its way to my daughter’s house,” I called and told her to bring the grandchildren down to the basement. I watched as it passed just behind their subdivision in an open field while filming the time-lapse video.”

Here’s the incredible time-lapse video he shot:

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