Identical Yorba Linda twins give birth on same day. Just look at these little cuties !!

Erin Cheplak and Jill Justiniani, 30-year-old California identical twins, gave birth to baby boys on the same day: May 5, 2022. Despite the fact that one sister was scheduled for a C-section, the twins tripped some cosmic wires, causing the second sister to go into labor just hours before the surgery.

Cheplak and Justiniani were accustomed to sharing their lives as twins. They were both interested in kinesiology and studied it at California State University, Dominguez Hills, where they earned master’s degrees in occupational therapy. They then shared not only a career as pediatric occupational therapists but also a workplace at the same outpatient clinic, where their desks aren’t too far apart. They’ve even been known to bring each other lunch.

Cheplak and Justiniani married only a year apart and were inadvertently pregnant at the same time in their personal lives. The joke subsequently emerged that they will have their babies on the same day. However, given that Justiniani’s baby was breech and his birth would require an operating team, it was doubtful.

Nonetheless, the twins were able to enjoy their pregnancies because they knew they not only had each other’s support but also shared their condition. “That was the beginning of this route of feeling like this is really wild, but also perfectly meant to happen,” Justiniani said after learning that her sister was pregnant at the same time. “We were crying on the phone together,” Cheplak confirmed. “I just had this feeling that it was going to work out, that we were both going to be pregnant,” she added. The sisters had no idea they’d be sharing so much more than a baby bump.

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The twins learned that their newborns will match much more than they already did during a gender reveal party in November. When asked about the party, Justiniani remarked, “We were hoping for the same gender, but we were really unsure.” The two were then doused in blue after popping enormous black “oh baby!” balloons. “We both thought, ‘here we go.'” Justiniani made a remark.

Justiniani was scheduled for a C-section at Kaiser Permanente hospital months later. Her husband, Ian, was on hand to offer assistance. Back at home, her sister began to experience agony. “I just assumed it was nerves since I knew Jill was having a C-section. When I called the nurse, she responded, ‘Oh, honey, it seems like your water broke.’ The next call was to Jill, and I told her, ‘OK, this isn’t a joke.'” She remembered.

Justiniani gave birth to her son Oliver at 6:39 p.m., just down the hall from her sister. Cheplak arrived a few hours later, at 11:31 p.m., to deliver Silas. “It was like something out of a movie,” Cheplak recalled. Alice Lau, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the hospital, learned about the births as word spread. “It brightened my day, week, and year… This is wonderful news, and it reminds us that miracles still occur.” She made a remark.

Although the boys aren’t identical, they do share a birthday, and their mothers are eager for the “twinning” to continue. “We’re just so pleased that they’ll be able to have a similar experience to us and share all of life’s journeys,” Cheplak gushed.

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Identical Yorba Linda twins give birth on same day. Just look at these little cuties !!