When his favorite toy ball is taken away, Baby Panda throws an adorable tantrum.

It’s natural for a human baby to become attached to a favorite toy. But this adorable baby panda’s attachment to a toy ball is melting hearts all over the world.

The adorable panda can be found at the San Diego Zoo. The panda, named Xiao Liwu, was only a few months old when zookeepers gave him a brand new green ball. Xiao Liwu went crazy for the ball, just like a human baby when given a new toy.

Although the zookeepers also provided Xiao Liwu with bamboo and a tree limb to play with, it was the ball that piqued his interest. The objects were given to the panda in order to encourage interaction and learning about his surroundings. When the keepers tried to take the ball away from him, the panda gripped it tightly and refused to let go.

Every time the ball slipped from Xiao Liwu’s grasp, the caretakers rolled it back to the ecstatic panda. This back-and-forth kept the panda entertained throughout his medical examination. Nutritionist Jennifer Parsons had to slip the tape measurer under the ball to get an accurate measurement of Xiao Liwu’s size because he refused to let go. The busy panda usually protests these medical examinations, but he didn’t this time because he was distracted by the ball.

Thanks to the distraction, the doctors were able to get all of the information that they needed. Xiao Liwu weighed in at a healthy 14.5 pounds and measured 29 inches long. The once infant panda is now a thriving adult still living at the San Diego Zoo.

Be sure to watch it and then spread the joy with everyone else in your circle. This sweet video will surely bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees it.

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When his favorite toy ball is taken away, Baby Panda throws an adorable tantrum.
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