Twins hold hands as their mother photographs their first exchange

Growing up with a sibling is a unique experience for everyone. When you’re young, you always have a ready playmate nearby. Siblings have incredible bonds as adults, always willing to lend a hand or talk when you need it the most.

Twins have an especially strong bond. Twins develop together in their mother’s womb and spend their childhoods sharing birthdays, first days of school, and other significant milestones. According to a new viral video, some twins are so close that they develop their own secret language and communication system.

Two twin baby girls lie next to each other on a bed in the adorable video. The twin on the right then starts talking, gurgling, and grabbing her sister’s hand. The little girl on the left eventually joins in with her own coos and wraps her fingers around her sister’s hand.

While adults cannot understand the twins’ baby talk, those who have seen the video have their own ideas about what the two cuties are saying. One commentator speculates that they are gossiping about the 4-month-old twin boys down the street, while another believes they are complaining about their new formula.

Joking aside, studies have proven the undeniable bond between twin siblings. As reported in Very Well Family, twins can often feel a psychic sensation that “something is wrong” when their other sibling is experiencing a traumatic situation or physical pain like a heart attack. When separated, twins have also been shown to share similar preferences, such as liking the same types of food.

An article from the National Library of Medicine also shows evidence of twins developing personal languages. The study discovered that 40% of twins develop what is known as an autonomous language, idioglossia, or cryptophasia. Most autonomous languages between twin siblings fade over time, but the two little girls in the video appear to be developing their own method of personal communication.

What do you think of the twin girls in the video? Do you have any siblings? Have you and your siblings ever created your own personal language?

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Twins hold hands as their mother photographs their first exchange
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