Dad has been filming his daughter every week for the past 20 years to create an adorable timelapse video.

It’s something you hear all the time from parents. “I wish I could stop time and keep my children young forever.” As parents, we long for the days when our children’s lives were simpler.

Parents need to accept that their kids grow up and live their own lives. For one Dutch father, he had a unique approach to demonstrating the growth process of his daughter.

Frans Hofmeester, a Dutch filmmaker, had an exciting idea of making a film portrait of his daughter every week of her life—starting from when she was a newborn to when she turned 20 years old.

The end result is nothing short of spectacular. The transformation of this young lady from a young, crying infant to a fully grown woman over the course of 20 years is truly breathtaking.

Frans Hofmeester has a creative mindset, as evidenced by his unique way of preserving a simpler time when his daughter was a baby. This project must have required a great deal of patience.

One of the most exciting parts is that from birth to a grown woman, you can see how the nuances of the girl’s face change and shift but still always resemble that tiny infant from the day she was born.

Parents have always struggled with their kids growing up too fast. Frans Hofmeester came up with a unique and beautiful way of reflecting on the past that will always bring good memories.

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