A curious cockatoo meets a human mother’s new baby.

Katie Vannoy adores her pets and would go to any length for them. She recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Oliver. Katie was doing well, and the baby was healthy.

She was discharged from the hospital one day after Oliver was born. Katie and her husband decided to introduce the birds to the newborn baby first when she arrived home.

She freed Gotcha, the Moluccan cockatoo, from his cage and told him about the baby. Gotcha was unusually quiet and looked at Oliver with interest. Even Letty, the African Grey parrot, was baffled by the situation.

Letty looked at her owner as if to ask, “What did you bring?” Even her pet dogs were intrigued by Oliver and did not want to abandon him.

Gotcha looked at the baby with interest and tried to nibble on the blanket that was covering the baby. Oliver and Katie’s pets grew closer after they stayed together for a few days.

However, the birds were still curious about the baby and wanted to be close to the little one. Katie and her husband thought that the birds were hushed around the baby, and even Oliver was not scared of their presence.

The pets were amazed by the new addition, especially Gotcha and Letty, who wanted to be close to the little one. Katie fantastically introduced her pets as she took time to bring all her pets one by one near the baby and let them get accustomed to the little one.

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