A woman fosters a pregnant mother dog who gives birth to nine adorable puppies.

Kathy had always fostered dogs from the local shelter. They recently called and asked if she could foster a pregnant dog. The kind woman immediately said yes and went to the dog shelter to pick up Cookie, her foster dog.

Cookie instantly bonded with her loving fosters and ran up to all her fosters and snuggled up with everyone. She was a very gentle dog who wanted to spend her time around the people who loved her a lot.

On the crucial day of her delivery, she knew she could trust her foster mom with the birth process. It was after 2 weeks that Cookie started to act a little funky. She was pacing around a little bit, so the foster mom knew it was almost time for her to give birth.

Kathy wanted Cookie to accompany her to their little official give-birth spot, but the mama dog refused to leave the couch. This was obviously her birth plan. So the fosters decided to put a bunch of stuff on the sofa to make it safe before letting Cookie go as she desired.

The new mother sought help from her foster while giving birth to nine adorable puppies. So Kathy’s entire family was with her the entire time. Cookie appreciated how close everyone was to her.

Cookie was a little dog, and Kathy thought there would not be many puppies, but they kept coming. When the pregnant mom gave birth to her 9th puppy, Kathy thought it was extraordinary for Cookie to give birth to 9 puppies.

The first 72 hours and the first two weeks were extremely difficult for the new mom. Kathy was stunned by the dedication Cookie showed to the newborn puppies. She was always with her puppies. The dog mama always cleaned and fed her puppies. She was a perfect mother. The calm mama dog ensured that her puppies understood that they could trust everybody around them. All the puppies got adopted at 8 weeks, and even Cookie got adopted by Kathy’s friends. Kathy was happy she could meet her foster dog once in a while.

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A woman fosters a pregnant mother dog who gives birth to nine adorable puppies.
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