Rabbit can’t get enough of his morning zoomies and requests breakfast twice.

Aaron was walking around his English neighborhood when he came across a white ball of fur in the middle of the road. He could tell it was a wild rabbit as he got closer (later named Mr. Phirii).

The rabbit seemed like a pet that somebody had dumped outside. It was raining and extremely cold. Aaron brought him home and warmed him up by blowdrying the poor animal. He was definitely nervous at first but soon gave in.

When Aaron gave him something to eat, Mr. Phirii becomes less fearful. The kind man wrapped him up so that he could settle in. It was not long until the rescuer realized how special the bunny genuinely was to him.

They had a special connection. They became completely obsessed with one another. Mr. Phirii, on the other hand, had a dark side. He would remove Aaron’s duvet every morning to wake him up.

As soon as he woke up, he wanted his breakfast. The rabbit would then return to Aaron for breakfast after he had eaten early in the morning. As a result, he had breakfast twice. Even while the poor rescuer slept on his bed, the rabbit enjoyed doing zoomies.

The bunny loved redecorating Aaron’s house, and he got paid in kisses. However, Mr. Phirii did not leave the opportunity to kiss Aaron back. After that, they would go out for a walk so that he could roam around in the open.

Mr. Phirii demanded Aaron lay down for his midday nap and even groomed him thoroughly. The pet rabbit was even homeschooled by Aaron, and he loved his philosophy class with him. However, Aaron was glad that he had such a fantastic pet, who chose him as his buddy.

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Rabbit can’t get enough of his morning zoomies and requests breakfast twice.
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