The tiniest piglet discovered on the freeway gets “milk drunk” at the rescuer’s house.

Hannah Hoeschle rescued a piglet recently (later named Bubbles). Hannah was driving down the freeway near Mudgee, Australia, when she noticed a piglet running across the road. To avoid hitting the child, she slammed on the brakes. Bubbles was a tiny baby pig, no bigger than Hannah’s hand.

She was tiny and quick. The family was three hours away and had no idea what to do with her. She appeared fragile. Her squeaks appeared to be quite weak. Finally, bubbles curled up into a tiny ball and fell asleep the entire journey.

They soon arrived home, and when she awoke, she was overjoyed. The piglet immediately began sucking on the milk bottle. Hannah was relieved to hear that the baby was doing well. They then took her to the veterinarian. Her hind legs were broken, and her eyes were bruised and scraped.

The vet thought she was born on a truck and had fallen off. However, she was only a couple of days old. The tiny piglet was just 750 grams. Bubbles was just the size of Hannah’s phone and very lightweight.

After a week, Bubbles definitely got a lot more courageous. When they had first found her, she looked terrified. However, when they took her to their garden area, she started to run around and jump. Soon the baby pig and the couple’s Labrador formed an incredible bond. They chased each other all around the house.

The piglet was not scared at all. Bubbles was very inquisitive. Bubbles’ favorite thing was to nestle her nose on Hannah’s hand or neck. She found it very comforting. However, Hannah knew she had to leave Bubbles in a better place.

She contacted Debbie Pearce of “Where the Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary” and left Bubbles under her care. The family still goes to meet her and recently celebrated her 6-month birthday. Hannah had baked a cake for her. As soon as she kept the cake down on the ground, Bubbles went straight for it. Bubbles lived an incredible life doing zoomies around the yard.

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The tiniest piglet discovered on the freeway gets “milk drunk” at the rescuer’s house.
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