A generous man adopts the world’s most athletic mama squirrel.

Mark’s daily routines included his rescued squirrel, Peanut. Mark and Peanut used to have breakfast together in the mornings and enjoyed sharing food.

Peanut spent most of the day with Mark’s pet cat Chloe after the rescuer had gone to work. The squirrel pretended to be a cat. When Mark returned home, Peanut would be there to greet him.

This was the best gift Mark could have received. The pet owner needed to keep the little squirrel active in order for him to stay healthy. As a result, whenever he snapped his fingers, the athletic animal would leap to him and the owner would catch him.

Mark felt it was surreal and knew this did not happen to people a lot. He had found Peanut when he was walking down the street one day. His mom was hit by a car, and as Mark got closer to the mother squirrel, he found a little ball of fuzz crawling up his leg.

Mark got him home and called as many rehabbers as he could. Whoever he came across used to say a similar thing, “If you brought him here, they would euthanize him. There was really nothing they could do.”

So, Mark decided to take care of him. He fed Peanut with a goat milk formula. His main goal was to get him back to normal health and release him. The rescuer saw how far he could jump, and each day he got stronger.

Peanut fully recovered, so the kind man released him one fine day. The squirrel took off and went outside. The release date was one of the saddest and proudest moments for Mark. However, when he looked out the window, he found Peanut waiting to come inside. Mark would love him for as long as he kept him company.

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A generous man adopts the world’s most athletic mama squirrel.
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