what did this Kind Man for the Woman After Hearing Her Tell Daughter They Couldn’t Afford To Eat That Night

Bear Taliferro Jr. was thankful to have overheard a mother in need while shopping at Walmart.

“I left last night after doing two 14-hour shifts,” Bear stated in an online post. “I went to the grocery store to get some dinner ingredients, and when I was checking out, a woman in the next checkout line started crying.”

He overheard a young child asking her mother what was wrong, and as he went to check what was wrong, he saw the woman crying as she answered her little girl.

“When her daughter inquired as to what was wrong, she replied, “We can’t afford to eat tonight.”

Someone else overheard the small girl and came up to them and handed them a few cash. Bear then approached them and told them they could go pick up whatever groceries they wanted and he would pay for them.

“An anonymous donor sent her a few dollars, and she used it to buy her daughter a Kids Cuisine TV supper. “Grab whatever she wants, and I’ll pay for it,” I informed her.

Bear mentioned that he never goes to this particular store, and he felt that being able to help this mother and her daughter in their time of need felt like divine timing.

“I NEVER stop at this Walmart. I’m simply saying GOD puts you where he needs you to be WHEN he needs you to be there 💕”
Thousands of people have expressed their gratitude for Bear’s goodwill to the young mother and daughter on the internet.

“It’s incredibly considerate.” When I didn’t have the appropriate date wic checks to get my kid its formula, I was going to leave it [and] come back the next day with the right date checks, and this lady behind me chose to pay for all of the baby milk cans I had at the register. I asked for her phone number and address so that I could return her money, but she told me not to worry because it was a gift. This happened ten years ago, so I strive to be a decent person to others whenever I can,” Kelly D. said.

“That’s my little brother doing what our mothers taught us to do when ladies and children are in need: we assist them with whatever they require.” Last night, GOD put you in the appropriate spot. Thank you for providing food for a mom and her children so that they do not go hungry. “God has you,” Joshua C. wrote.

“About a month ago, my wife and I were in Winn Dixie, and a woman in front of us didn’t have enough money for sandwich meat and mustard, so my wife said, “hey, I got it, put it on our account,” and I was surprised when she just broke down, crying like crazy!! I had no idea what her tale was, but I could tell she was in trouble! You never know, the little gesture could mean the world to someone else!!” Gordon W. shared.

“This happened to me approximately 11 years ago as well. My kid was still a baby, and I was expecting my first child. We had run out of money one week. When I tried to pay with quarters, the woman who answered the phone took out her card and bought our food for us. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I now offer assistance whenever possible, particularly at the grocery store. It is not our job to pass judgment on another’s suffering; do unto others,” Kelli D. stated.

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what did this Kind Man for the Woman After Hearing Her Tell Daughter They Couldn’t Afford To Eat That Night
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