Mom’s pocket-sized kitty goes everywhere with her.

Jennifer Kubba had just rescued a baby kitten named Hank. The baby required a lot of love and affection. Jennifer’s family first met the kitten when she was only two ounces. Hank was so small he could fit into a shirt pocket.

Hank was 6 days old when she couldn’t stop cuddling with her mother and feeling at ease with her stuffed animals. The kitten then opened her eyes for the first time at the age of ten days.

Hank gradually gained weight. Her favorite spot was wrapped snugly in a fuzzy blanket. The kitten was 20 days old and weighed 16 ounces at the time. Jennifer’s adult black cat, Poppy, was wary of her new sister.

However, as time passed by, they became inseparable. Now Hank used to go out everywhere with her mom on car rides. The kind owner wanted the cute kitten to see the world and loved to take her out with her.

The two-month-old cat was now 32 ounces and looked very healthy. Then, when Hank was 3-month-old, she was about to have a new sister named Cheese. The Tabby cat immediately set out to be friends with Hank.

Cheese followed Hank everywhere she went and was curious about the latter. However, Hank was unsure of how to respond to the spicy kitten. Nonetheless, that did not stop the curious kitty from her pursuit.

Cheese stayed close to Hank while she watched the goofy little one curiously. Slowly Hank started to become friendly with her little sister, and they got to know one another. Hank had now become a mentor to the Tabby kitten and showed her the ropes to living a relaxed life.

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