Cats captivate us with their cuteness, as evidenced by these 15 photos.

If you’ve ever had a cat, you’ll understand how easily they can have humans in the palm of their bean-filled hands.

Actually, that fact of life is something that even people who aren’t cat owners know to be true. All it takes is a single photo of a cat looking adorable to know that they’ve mastered the art of getting us to do whatever they want. In case you need reminding, we’ve put together a list of some of the most adorable cat photos for you to enjoy below!

1. We could look into this hypnotizing cat’s eyes all day!

2. “The rescue said to take pictures that capture my foster kitten’s personality to help her get adopted. I just sent them these.”

3. If the word “relaxed” had to be defined by a single image, this would be the one to choose.

4. “I think it’s time to repot the cat.”

5. If he didn’t have his little claws out, we might have mistaken him for a stuffed animal!

6. “This is it, guys. She’s hit peak cute.”

7. When you are so obsessed with rainbows that you decide to become one.

8. “This is what cat engagement photos would look like.”

9. Don’t let the vampire fangs fool you — this kitty thirsts for wet food more than blood!

10. “I got the cutest photo of these two foster babies several weeks ago.”

11. “Apparently not all cats hate bath time!”

12.”Louis has a lazy eye, which I think makes him even cuter.”

13. Best. Cuddle. Ever!

14. This cat is the epitome of “I’m insanely adorable, and I know it.”

15. Cats are cute on their own, but when paired with a dog, they become even more powerful!

Cats certainly know how to use their cuteness to their advantage. But in return, they give us companionship, cuddles, and an adorable face to admire each and every day. So, in the end, it’s a pretty sweet deal for humans and felines alike!

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Cats captivate us with their cuteness, as evidenced by these 15 photos.
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