Doctors are stunned after a mother gives birth to four babies in 11 months.

We’ve told you some crazy stories about triplets in the past. Remember the mother who used IVF and ended up with two sets of triplets and another son, for a total of seven children? What about the hilarious viral video of a “supermom” attempting to change the diapers of her triplets and a hyperactive toddler? We’re back with another story about triplets. But this time there is no IVF, and the circumstances are even stranger!

Becky John has a 9-year-old daughter. She became pregnant with her second child last year and gave birth to Mya in February.

Becky and her partner discussed having more children and decided Mya should have a sibling her own age. So they immediately began trying again. They had no idea Becky would become pregnant just one week after giving birth to Mya!

But that’s nothing compared to the shock they felt when Becky went in for a scan… Becky was not only pregnant just days after having a baby, but she was having triplets!

“I had to stare at the screen just to make sure,” Becky explained. “I counted each heartbeat one by one.” It was true that I was expecting triplets.”

Triplets born naturally are extremely rare. Becky’s children were even more unusual because each was born from a separate egg, with its own placenta.

Becky gave birth to Ryan, Phoebe, and Raya in January… Mya was born 11 months ago.

“I’d been carrying around nearly 15 pounds of babies. I couldn’t believe it. But I was just so relieved they were all healthy and well.”

What a beautiful blessing!

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