Babies Born With The Fullest Heads Of Hair You’ve Ever Seen

Babies have an undeniable cute factor from the moment they are born. What could make them cuter than their big eyes, clumsiness, and ability to make us laugh? A full head of hair is simple!

These children were born with a unique feature: their heads are completely covered in thick, curly, straight, and hilariously shaped ‘dos. Take a look at these adorable, hairy cuties down below!

1. Incredibly lush

2. It’s almost too good!

3. It’s got some height to it

4. Going for the “just out of bed” look

5. That’s the whitest hair I’ve ever seen!

6. Elvis? Is that you?

7. Prince?!

8. She’s definitely up to something!

9. “I’m looking at YOU”

10. Interesting choice of haircut…