Pug loves riding shotgun

An adorable pug sits in the passenger seat of a miniature black Cadillac under clear skies, waiting for his buddy to drive them around. The shotgun was called by the pug, so he could relax and enjoy the scenery.

A young boy, the pug’s pal, walks slowly to the car and climbs into the driver’s seat. They ride the bumpy forest roads together. The path is clear, and it’s a lovely day for a walk.

As he drives with his friend, the boy has a big smile on his face. They both enjoy the natural surroundings. The pug scans the forest excitedly from the passenger seat.

While driving slowly, the boy makes sure to pet his friend to give him the love he deserves. Eventually, they stop by the edge of a bridge, and the boy opens the door of the toy car for his friend.

Both of them walk towards the water under the bridge and have fun with it. The boy tosses rocks into the water while the pug dips his feet into it.

After their fun is had, they get back into the Cadillac and drive off further down the path. The boy is a seasoned driver and gets them where they need to go.

There are times that the boy has a face of pure and utter concentration that his furry friend can’t even break. They have a wonderful day together.

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