On “O Sole Mio,” Labrador joins favorite tenor Pavarotti in a duet.

Hugo, a lovely Labrador from the United Kingdom, loved opera music and would sing along with it. Hugo’s online fans were recently treated to a nice moment shared by the owner.

In a large living area with glass doors and windows, the dog relaxed. When the owner turned on the television, though, the pet immediately turned around and gazed at it.

On the screen, he discovered his favorite opera singer. The song was “O Sole Mio,” performed by Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti, three great tenors.

As soon as Luciano Pavarotti started to sing the song, Hugo became alert and decided to join in at the right moment. He knew his music and acted like an absolute star who knew what he was doing.

He sang the song beautifully and held the notes well. Many of his online fans were surprised by the dog’s talent. The dog knew when he had to sing, and Hugo’s talent actually fit well with the opera singing style.

Hugo did not keep howling throughout the song. Instead, he let the orchestra play and only joined the trio “on cue.” It was fascinating that Hugo ended up singing the song when the audience cheered the three tenors.

The Labrador deserved a treat for his outstanding performance. The adorable dog was a very talented tenor as well. His beautiful singing could make any onlooker giggle with joy.

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On “O Sole Mio,” Labrador joins favorite tenor Pavarotti in a duet.
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