Identical quadruplets are already 14 years old, like four drops of water.

Multiple pregnancies are extremely uncommon.

Only two percent of babies are twins, according to statistics.

And if we’re talking about quadruplets, this is probably one in a million, if not more.

But life is a wonderful thing, and it can sometimes surprise us.

Julia was told she was carrying four embryos under her heart at the time of her first scan 14 years ago.

Because the kids grew and developed in the same placenta, the doctors had little faith in their ability to deliver healthy babies.

As a result, she was offered to terminate her pregnancy in order to remain safe in the hospital.

The wife, though, flatly refused.

A cesarean section was used to deliver the girls.

They were all absolutely healthy, and only two of them were underweight.

But over time, they also recovered.

The most interesting thing is that the girls are as similar as possible to each other, even with age their features are identical.

The sisters say that they are always confused.

Everyone around them and their friends are always trying to find at least some difference, but all in vain.

The sisters are happy that fate has decreed so and they have each other.

Popularity played into their hands.

The four sisters have already begun to offer cooperation to various clothing brands.

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