The wonderful beauty of ice skating is captured in this stunning drone film.

The Minnesota pals advertise their impending project by reviving a beloved video by Jay Christensen from last year, which included McQuaid Boo’s hilarious skating exploits.

McQuaid Boo demonstrated his skating abilities on the ice at White Bear Lake last winter to promote Minnesota’s winter activities. Boo wears an open shirt, shorts, and a captain’s hat while drinking a beer on the ice in the video, which has a lighthearted tone to it.

Jay Christensen, the founder of Jay Byrd Films, used a GoPro-equipped drone to record his friend’s performance, and the video went viral. They’ve collaborated on multiple videos to promote Minnesota’s culture.

No time is more perfect than winter to show off the gorgeous scenery and many fun recreational activities available in Minnesota’s vast landscape. Christensen and Boo’s next project involves the Winter Classic.

Their goal is to capture the Minnesota Wild NHL Winter Classic footage in a one-take drone video. It will be similar to the famous film they shot earlier at a local bowling alley.

By promoting the different aspects of Minnesota life, Christensen hopes to draw people in to experience all that Minnesota offers and show its citizens how great their state is.

With the Winter Classic ahead of them and other projects such as an ice-skating duet featuring McQuaid Boo and U. S. Olympian Michelle Kwan in the works, there’s no end to Christensen’s creativity.

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The wonderful beauty of ice skating is captured in this stunning drone film.
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