In these funny images, a 95-year-old grandmother illustrates that having fun has no age limit.

Sharing the same interests is one way for grandparents and grandkids to connect. Many grandmothers pass on their baking skills and recipes to the following generation. Every time their grandchildren consume a cookie or dessert, it reminds them of them.

Some grandmothers, on the other hand, have a different definition of fun. Meet Pauline Kana, a 95-year-old woman who instilled her sense of humor in her grandson Ross Smith.

The duo spends a lot of time producing funny videos and creating incredible images. Some of their photos include cosplay, where the pair dresses up like fairytale characters, holiday heroes (think the Easter bunny), and iconic film characters.

In this collection of photos, Ross and his grandma recreate famous scenes. He plays the footman while his grandma, dressed as Cinderella, sits atop a large pumpkin that once had been a carriage.

In another picture, Pauline and her grandson are dressed in rabbit onesies and lie in a hay pen surrounded by bunnies and large plastic Easter eggs.

The two even replicate the famous Titanic moment. While her grandson is in the water, Pauline is dressed as Rose in blue with an antique life jacket. Their eyes are closed, and they have grave expressions. The water is imagined to be icy cold, precisely like the ocean where Jack drowned.

Ross and Pauline are perfect examples of how to have fun with your family. Pauline proves that 95-year-olds still enjoy dressing up and playing pretend.