At his sister’s wedding, the emotional little brother steals the scene.

Until Katie announced her engagement to Troy, Gus and Katie were as close as thieves. Katie’s half-brother Gus, who was nine at the time, didn’t want things to change between them now that she was getting married.

Gus was worried that now that his big sister was getting married, she wouldn’t have time for him. The prospect of losing his best friend made him sad.

Something spectacular happened when the wedding ceremony took place in a magnificent chapel. Gus observed how pleased his older sister was and wanted nothing more than for her to be completely happy.

He hadn’t planned on making a speech at the reception, but Gus felt moved to express his best wishes to the happy couple. He took the stage and immediately broke into tears.

His emotional response was so overwhelming, that there wasn’t a dry eye among the wedding guests. Even the bride and groom were getting teary-eyed as Gus composed himself to speak.

Gus told Katie how much he loved her and that she was the best sister a kid could ever ask for. He also thanked her for getting him an awesome brother-in-law.

Katie hugged her little brother. Gus gave us the most important message of all. Never pass up the opportunity to tell the people you care about most how much you love them.

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At his sister’s wedding, the emotional little brother steals the scene.
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