The couple was expecting one son. However, they were in for a tremendous surprise.

Until recently, Victoria and Alex were the most ordinary couple.

They have two lovely daughters and wished for a son to complete their happiness.

They were overjoyed when Victoria became pregnant for the third time.

The couple couldn’t wait for the doctor to say, “You will have a boy,” during the ultrasound.

However, they overheard a slightly different phrase during the inspection…

The couple learned they were expecting twins during an ultrasound.

While the future parents were reeling from this news, the doctor informed another: that he had also seen the third baby, who was “hiding” behind two brothers in the back of the uterus.

Since pregnancy is multiple, Victoria must always be under the supervision of doctors.

Therefore, she has prescribed the next ultrasound in a week.

During this time, the couple got used to the idea that they would soon become parents with many children.

What a shock it was to learn a week later at the reception that Victoria was carrying four babies under her heart!

Of course, it wasn’t simple; due to many pregnancies, there were numerous challenges, and the mom had to spend practically all of her time in the hospital prior to the birth of the children.

Four boys were born absolutely healthy.

Now Victoria and Alex are parents of six children.

Grandmothers came to their aid, and gladly took on some of the hassles.

And the boys are already 3 months old at the moment.

Victoria admits that she never dreamed of having many children, but the quadruplets became real happiness for her, given by fate.

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The couple was expecting one son. However, they were in for a tremendous surprise.
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