At daycare, a group of pups play under an early morning rainbow.

Doggy Day Care in Sydney, Australia, has long been a fascinating place for dogs. The farm is run by Luke and his wife Sam, who treat the animals like family.

The family just acquired seven gorgeous puppies who had arrived on the farm as part of the puppy care program. The rainbows and golden light spread over the landscape made for a lovely day.

The puppies were enthusiastically racing throughout the entire property, eager to meet one another. The new puppies were attempting to settle in, and their wagging tails were charming.

Luke was trailed by a swarm of pups everywhere he went. Even the farm dogs were enjoying the nice morning with the children. With his small son, Wolfric, in his arms, the owner enjoyed the gorgeous morning.

Evie informed her mother that she wished to go out. When she entered the corridor, however, she was plastered against the door. A swarm of puppies clung to her. They attempted to scale her. She didn’t mind, however, and enjoyed being surrounded by the children.

Even Sam came out to her family in the corridor only to find the puppies trying to lick her feet and nip and bite her gently as they wanted to play with her. The puppies had pooped all over the corridor, so Uncle Luke got busy cleaning the mess they had made.

Sam laughed hysterically, looking at the mayhem the little ones had caused. She called the little ones “sparkers.” The couple’s daughter also tried to manage the puppies and her parents. Later, Uncle Luke rode on his bike while the big dogs followed him.

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At daycare, a group of pups play under an early morning rainbow.
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