Sleepy otter unwinds in owner’s arms before playing with sibling.

People have traditionally adored small-clawed otters. No one can resist their allure since they are so gorgeous. Unfortunately, many nations do not allow these lovely otters to be kept as pets.

However, because of their chirpy and energetic attitude, otters are considered one of the best pets in Japan’s gorgeous area. The otters Kotaro (male) and Hana (female) resided with their owner in Tokyo and have recently earned a large following due to their attractive characteristics.

Their loving owner has been posting pictures of them online. Like toddlers, the two could be caught doing a variety of mischievous activities. The owner just tweeted a nice photo of himself petting the otters.

The owner rested on his bed while he stroked one of the otters with a steel comb. He gently pushed the comb to go through the shiny fur on the otter’s body smoothly. It was a perfect way to relax a pet.

The cute otter could not resist sleeping as the owner massaged his back. Finally, the adorable animal simply yawned and stretched his legs to gain a comfortable position to sleep. This proved how much the innocent animal trusted the owner.

After massaging the back, the owner moved to massage the forehead. The otter soon fell asleep while the kind owner continued his routine of massaging his pet. After a short nap, the otter lay in the same position.

However, the cute pet soon decided to take a quick stroll while his owner rested. This was when the other otter also joined them on the comfortable bed. So Kotaro and Hana played for a while as their owner slept.

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Sleepy otter unwinds in owner’s arms before playing with sibling.
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