After 46 years of waiting and four IVF attempts, a 68-year-old Nigerian woman gave birth to twin babies.

Some couples have infants shortly after they marry, while others must wait years to see their own child. For the Nigerian couple, it would be more than four decades before they can hold their own children in their arms.

Margaret Adenuga, who is 68 years old, just gave birth to adorable twin kids after 46 years of waiting. Margaret had already undergone three IVF operations before eventually becoming pregnant, according to reports.

Noah Adenuga, her 77-year-old husband, claimed that they have been married since 1974 and have always wanted a child.

Despite multiple failures they were experiencing throughout the journey, Margaret and Noah never give up.

“I have a dream and I believe our dreams and wishes will come true,” said Noah, who’s now a pensioner.

“I never lost hope any day anyway. I used to tell him (Noah) that before we move out of where we are living, we are going to carry our baby. Our baby will leave with us. Not only one. They are going to be two. And I’m a churchgoer. So in church, I used to see many testimonies that there is nothing God cannot do. So I have faith in that. I stood on my faith that God will do it,” said Margaret.

All the efforts they’ve made up to this day surely didn’t go down the drain as they are now blessed with a daughter and a son at the same time.

Margaret gave birth to twins at the University of Lagos Education (LUTH) Hospital in April during her 37th week of pregnancy.

Due to Margaret’s advanced age, a team of experts was recruited to oversee her pregnancy, according to Dr. Adeyemi Okunowo, who welcomed the twins. Dr. Adeyemi also indicated that women of a later age may be able to conceive through IVF, but doctors must take into account the medical hazards of pregnancy at that age.

“As an elderly woman embarking on her first pregnancy, it is unquestionably a high-risk pregnancy.” “Because the infants are twins, we have to manage the pregnancy till it’s over,” Dr. Adeyemi explained.

“There are pregnancy-related medical complications for late pregnancy such as premature birth. Luckily, Margaret is fortunate, but the possibilities of other complications after giving birth are still there.”

46 years is surely not a short time. Congratulations to the couple!

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After 46 years of waiting and four IVF attempts, a 68-year-old Nigerian woman gave birth to twin babies.
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