A 12-year-old boy creates a one-of-a-kind wheelchair for a tiny two-legged puppy.

Gracie, a tiny adorable puppy, was recently dumped at a vet’s office. She was covered in maggots and lacked hair beneath her eyes, feet, and tail. The vet also noticed that she lacked two front legs. It was a birth defect that made walking difficult for her.

The vet decided to contact a local rescue organization called Mostly Mutts. Their volunteer team quickly rescued the child. They were immediately smitten by the adorable puppy. She had an amazing personality and was very sweet and friendly to everyone.

When the Turley family of Kennesaw, Georgia, met Gracie, they knew they wanted to adopt her. Gracie had a special needs dog brother or sister. The little puppy’s brother enjoyed dragging her around.

She quickly adjusted to her new home. She also had an amiable 3-legged fur sister. Gracie’s mom knew she needed a wheelchair, but Gracie was a growing pup. Mom knew that Gracie needed something that would grow with her.

So, she asked a 12-year-old volunteer, Dylan, at Mostly Mutts to help her. She asked Dylan to build Gracie a wheelchair from “LEGO.” A couple of weeks later, the little one could get around on wheels.

Gracie could now go for walks. However, she soon outgrew her first “LEGO” wheelchair, and it was time for a new one. Her second wheelchair was a bit bigger than the older one. However, this one had bigger wheels. Soon she got her third chair. She was now one year old and had grown up to her maximum size.

Gracie soon received her permanent wheelchair from “Joey Paws and Ruff Rollin Chairs.” However, the little puppy got along fine without her chair, although the chair kept her chest and spine safe.

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A 12-year-old boy creates a one-of-a-kind wheelchair for a tiny two-legged puppy.
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