Otter makes fun of his sister for stealing his favorite treat.

Kotaro and Hana were pet otters who lived in Tokyo, Japan, with their caring owner. The otters were an important part of the family’s life and were always up to mischief.

Kotaro couldn’t stop himself from eating his favorite snacks, which were either fish or chicken. He happily accepted the treats and got to work on his meal, which his owner had prepared for him. While her brother was enjoying the delectable treats, Hanna couldn’t take her eyes off the food.

Later, she became preoccupied with locating something in a recently discovered box. Later, she joined her brother at the meal bowl and ate the food while Kotaro stared angrily at her. He appeared to be saying, “This is my bowl.”

Hana didn’t care what her brother thought of her eating from his bowl. When the owner joined them and snuggled with them, she lovingly abandoned the food. Hana was then hand-fed by the owner.

Kotaro became preoccupied with something else and jumped up on the table while eating. Hana continued to make fun of his brother whenever he came to eat his meal. While Hana drank water from his bowl, Kotaro stood patiently.

Whenever the owner came close to Hana, she would lie in a pose showing that she surrendered and later go back to her food bowl and eat her meals. Then, a few moments later, both the otters could be found playing with their toys.

However, Kotaro did not want to share his toys and took them away from Hana. The little one went to her owner and asked for a new toy, which the man provided instantly. Hana instantly started to play with it and even got a snake as a soft toy. She cuddled with the snake as if it was her very close friend. Both of them had a fulfilling day together. Even after so much teasing and fights, the otters were inseparable.

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Otter makes fun of his sister for stealing his favorite treat.
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