Mom walks in to find twin babies reenacting “Frozen,” and they are insanely accurate!

If you know anyone who has pursued a career in theater, you’ve probably heard stories about how they knew it was their calling from a young age.

Every thespian began as a drama-loving child, and if this video is any indication, there are two tiny twins who will undoubtedly win Oscars when they grow up.

Back in 2017, their mother turned on “Frozen” to keep the twins entertained. Mom stepped out of the room for a moment and heard some rustling in the living room in front of the TV. When she returned, she found something far more amusing than two small children quietly watching a movie.

When Mom returned to the room, she found the twins acting out what was happening on the screen. They followed Anna and Elsa’s lead, strolling around the living room hand in hand. They never fail to hit the mark.

Next up was your average, run-of-the-mill magic conjuring. It’s nothing the two drama queens haven’t seen before.

And everyone knows that once you successfully shoot magical beams, a happy dance is required. These two little stars absolutely live for the drama.

Never ones to limit themselves, they take the appearance of the third character in stride, incorporating Olaf the snowman’s moves into the mix without missing a beat. They truly are movie stars in the making.

The Academy Award goes to these two kids and these two kids only.

Watch the talented tikes effortlessly finish the scene down below and if their antics made you smile, definitely share to spread a smile today!

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Mom walks in to find twin babies reenacting “Frozen,” and they are insanely accurate!
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